Roads Consulting Limited

Neil Bennett has launched this company to provide asset management support to the Roading Industry in New Zealand and to share his many years of knowledge with the wider industry: Since Roads Consulting was formed we have worked with both local authority clients and also several contractors to improve the contract delivery. Kushla Tapper has recently joined Roads Consulting. She is the recent recipient of the REAAA Rising Star award and will be attending the International Low Volume Roads workshop in Iowa. We work closely with other independent contractors and if you identify a need in your organisation we are happy to try and help find a solution. Click here for further information.
Roads Consulting Ltd | 105 Withells Rd | Christchurch | 8042| Email neil@roads.co.nz |
027 482 1268
ROADING PORTAL www.roads.co.nz
Grader Operators We are aware of a request by a local authority to have their operators acquire a formal qualification. There are none suitable so we have identified an excellent operator and work place tutor and are working with an agency to develop a suitable programme
Supported Systems Roadroid has been very successfully applied to NZ Unsealed Roads. Roads Consulting Ltd provides support to NZ users.
Low Volume Road Specialists