Low Volume Roads Workshops

Links to Presentations

2017 Workshop - Tauranga 2015 Workshop - Christchurch 2013 Workshop - Rotorua

Presentations from previous workshops are stored on the

Conference Pages of the REAAA website and can be

accessed here

Presentations are available back to the 2007 Workshop

2019 Workshop

Early planning is under way to hold the next LVR workshop in Invercargill in October 2019 to follow the International Conference the same year.
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Keynote Speakers

We are interested in expressions of interest or names of people who we can contact in the future to participate in our Low Volume Roads workshops. Contact the webmaster if you have any names.



Study Tour

The REAAA LVR Committee is considering organising a Study Tour to the US in September 2019 to coincide with the Conference to be held in Montana in September 2019. No dates or itinerary has been considered but registrations of interest in putting your name on a list can be done here email neil@roads.co.nz for more info