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2019 Workshop details

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Steve Batchelor has had an extensive career spanning over 40 years in Highway Management, both in the public and private sectors in the UK, Canada and India. Steve’s experience has centred on the essential element of data collection and analysis. He is passionate in the collection of accurate data without which, effective, efficient and timely decisions cannot be made. His companies have a well-earned reputation for the delivery of such quality data and its implementation to effective asset management. He has been highly influential with asset management within the UK which has included the chair of the Survey Steering Group during the development of the United Kingdom Pavement Management System (UKPMS). UK Local Roads – Managing the Backlog In all parts of the world local roads, both rural and urban, are the Cinderella of the road network and as budgets are squeezed they are increasingly and severely underfunded. The importance of the right mix of data collection, analysis and implementing robust policy and strategy are key to ensuring that maintenance funding has the highest return on investment. Steve’s key note presentation is a study of the UK’s approach to asset management of local roads and how future innovations are set to revolutionise the highway management structure.
Invite from Mark Chamberlain, Workshop Chair On behalf of the organising committee, we are very much looking forward to being your hosts for the 2019 LVR Workshop. We have an excellent keynote speaker Steve Batchelor, formerly Managing Director of Saber (Asset Management) Ltd in the UK and now consulting to PTS International who have recently purchased that company. 
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